The real Gaza atrocity

Funny how nobody in the media mentions this:

in 2005, Israel, sick and tired of being painted as the villain for having the audacity to defend its people, initiated a bold move of unilateral disengagement: the Israeli troops completely withdrew from Gaza, the Israeli settlements were dismantled and Gaza was left alone.
Even more to it- the Israelis left behind a significant amount of technology- hydroponic farms, etc that could have been used to improve the lives of the people of Gaza.

Have a wild guess at what the people of Gaza, ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas, did about it.
As soon as the IDF jeeps left, they started to… bomb Israel. They destroyed the technology left behind because it was “Jewish technology”, and for 5 years continued to bomb the hell out of Israel’s southern cities.

Weapons- just weapons, no food, no medical supplies- were smuggled into Gaza through tunnels and used for bombing Israeli civilians and cities. So Israel, in what is legally a self defense move, decided to block the traffic of weapons into Gaza.

Apparently trying to curb Hamas’ access to weapons is an “atrocity” but nobody cares about the thousands of Israeli civilians killed by Hamas’ bombs, by their constant living in fear and terror.

Everybody is screaming about the poor people of Gaza living badly in poverty and nobody seems to wonder- “if they’re so poor, where do they have money for rockets and explosives from?”. Maybe the trees in Gaza are growing Quassam rockets?

Between 1947-1967, all of the Jews in the Arabic Peninsula were expelled from their homes, sometimes only getting away with the clothes on their backs. Israel took them in, resettled them and made sure they were able to have new lives.
Israel is a small country without oil, a sliver of desert where even weeds have to be planted and irigated to grow.

In the mean time, the Arabic countries surrounding Israel, swimming in oil money, could not care less about their Palestinian brothers. Oh, they will complain about the poor Palestinians being exploited by the horrible Jews who have the audacity to defend themselves from suicide bombers, but these countries, very willing to go to war on behalf of said Palestinains, seem incapable of taking that willingness farther to things like, I don’t know, helping their brothers improve their lives.

They send weapons and propaganda in Gaza, but no food, no medical supplies and no actual help. Why? Because thwey WANT their “brothers” to live badly, so they can point an accusing finger at Israel.
Israel who, incidentally, is still the largest aid provider to Palestine. Go figure.

Not only that, but the Palestinians who maybe got tired of being pawns in this power game face tremendous pressure and obstacles if they try to move and settle in one of the countries of their loving Arab brethren. Immigrants from Palestine, even at third generation, are denied citizenship in these countries. So much for brotherhood.
Why? Because having a mass of poor , ignorant, angry people willing to strap explosives on themselves in order to kill Jews is what these so loving Arab countries care for. That’s the real atrocity.