British People aren’t very smart

No, seriously. It looks like David Cameron might win the elections.
The know nothing leader of the do nothing party will probably become this country’s prime minister, and this would be funny if it wouldn’t personally affect me.

Mind you, the fact people honestly believe Gordon Brown is to be blamed for the global recession is the best sign the national IQ has taken a dip into the negatives. Maybe it’s because people are genuinely dumb enough to believe this that I despair for this country.

I know most people have no fucking clue as to how the global economy works, but seriously- how dumb do you have to be to believe the UK’s prime minister is to blame for a crisis of global proportions? Poor Gordon is NOT the nefarious mastermind who plotted this- he is a victim at best.

Incidentally, there IS a specific reason why the UK is so slow to recover. That has something to do with Mr Cameron’s Party and its beloved leader Mrs Burn In Hell Thatcher wrecking the hell out of the bespoken British manufacturing industries. Britain does not produce things- and that’s why it’s hard to recover. So maybe the morons who want to put the same party in power should consider thinking about what happened last time the conservatives were in power.

While Gordon doesn’t have Tony Blair’s gift of the gab and his selection for the prime minister position was a seriously bad one (the guy is a decent financier but he lacks the barking talents a good politician needs to have in order to shut up his opponents with dumb words) – he didn’t create the global recession. And if you think you’re having it bad- keep this in mind: the Tories would probably make the UK into the USA- where people live in tent cities because they lost their homes and all of the jobs are gone to China, never to return. The UK is not yet there.

Also it might be worth asking where do the Conservatives get all those money for their aggressive campaigning?

If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that the best question to ask is “where’s the money coming from”. The larger a candidate’s coffers are, the biggest the hand up his arse playing him like a puppet. For an illustration of how that works see Obama, Barack.

So, if you’re amongst the fools who believe that David Cameron has any solutions to anything, ask yourself what is it that he’s ever achieved by himself.
His empty words in the MPs spending scandal should tell you that the man says one thing and does another.

And if you’re thinking “it can’t get any worse” , you’re a moron. Think of a Britain with no social safety net. Cameron does not have a plan to redress the economy or to create jobs. Why? Because his party never cared about creating jobs- but they have always been very good a destroying them- ask anyone who lived through the 80’s.


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