Race war as a convenient smokescreen for class war II- The Middle Class bribe

It would probably not surprise anyone to know that am a fairly big fan of Joe Bageant’s view on class, despite his sexist views and erroneous assertions on such subjects as Hillary Clinton.
However,ol Joe is right. Class IS the problem.
I also happen to agree with ol Joe regarding the utter lack of compassion exhibited by the people calling themselves Western Liberals. Like him, I have an utter sense of loathing for said category.

I always regarded the Liberal doctrine as one applied from above. The benevolent and enlightened middle class Liberals, generously bestowing gifts on the poor beneath them. The general assumption of these people is that the poor should be grateful for their table scraps and embrace what is given to them.

This is very visible in the way western liberals feel so self righteous about mocking and laughing at the poor folk of a different political persuasion. Even some of the best amongst them, like Violet Socks, seem to feel entitled to laugh and mock the poor folk who have the audacity to not vote Democrat and not think like the Western Liberals want them to think.
And God help you if you call them on it.
Truth be told, the Western Liberals are in no way shape or form any better than their Republican counterparts. maybe just a little bit more hypocritical and at the same time more naive.
In America, these are the people who now mourn the loss of their country as it used to be under the all praised and revered Bill Clinton. Oh yeah, they lived well under good ole Bill.

Others didn’t.
My friends from Serbia didn’t. They saw their country bombed to the ground, civilians murdered by the US air forces. Churches full of civilians burned to the ground. I SAW the maternity in Belgrade bombed by US planes… and the poor Serbians who pointlessly tried to defend it with their own bodies.
This happened under Bill Clinton.
The embargo on Iraq happened under Bill Clinton. Those half a million children dead by illness and radiation from the US DUI shells, and the adults, ad the misery inflicted upon Iraq after 1992. those are all on Bill’s head.

But try to tel that to the poow widdle liberals who worship him. After al, they lived damn well under Bill, and who the fuck cares about those brown people anyway. Or poor whites in Serbia.

This is the class war. These people love brown and poor people as long as they don’t contradict their worldview. Once they do, no holds are barred.

The ONLY thing these people love is themselves the so-called Middle Class. The big crying fits you see on all of the big liberal blogs about the disappearance of the Middle Class? it’s their survival instinct.

The Middle Class is a lie. There’s no such thing. It’s the bait to lull people into not fighting the system. A bribe.Why fight the system to get equality for all when you can easily be middle class, and have all those nice things you don’t need to pay for up front. Happiness bought on credit sure dulls class and justice sense doesn’t it?

It’s the perfect scam isn’t it?

Truth be told, if you depend on wages to survive, you’re working class and regardless what you tell yourself, you have just as much importance in the eyes of the powers that be.  The only difference between the so-called middle class and the so-called working class is the amount of shit they pretend to be owning albeit it’s the bank or credit card company who does.

Now what is normally understood by “working class” is just the bottom of the real working class barrel.  People too busy surviving to be able to live. A lot of them are poor whites, townies as they’re called in Britain, white trash or rednecks as they’re called in the USA.  Not necessarily white either, but there isn’t a term for poor black people or poor Latinos, maybe because the default state of most non whites is poor anyway.

But that’s not the point.

People who are too busy scrapping off a living don’t revolt unless they starve to death. The wonderfulness of the credit slavery capitalism is that people don’t own shit- but most of them don’t know it.  The house is owned by the bank. The furniture, appliances, car are owned by the bank or catalog companies as well, and paid for at thrice the actual price,

Payday comes and 70% of it goes on installments and bills. The rest is enough to buy food. The wait for the next payday starts again and again and again.

People living from payday to payday, who need that check to keep a roof over their children’s heads and food on teh table, they’re not going to risk the little safety they have.  They’re not going to revolt.

The so-called middle class, who have somewhat more shit and a bit of disposable income are too busy feeling self-righteous to revolt. The human animal is a petty thing, and having more than your neighbour is as good of a motivation as any.

So that’s how imperialism works.

The poor are kept in  lull of half security and half need to survive by hanging by their teeth. The alleged middle class are being bribed with things they don’t really own.

Someone else pays.

They just don’t get it. Those who should revolt can’t, and those who can won’t.

And this works for all colors and races. Middle class Blacks and latinos move out of the hood faster than you can say meow. Middle class south Asians in England live in small villages and their kids have fancy English accents.  They work in the same places, go to the same clubs and their kids prep for the same colleges.


Working class whites and blacks and latinos and south asians and arabs living in the west however?

They’re in the same shit.

And that’s where the smokescreen thing comes in.


Solomon’s choice, part 2

One short addition to what purports to be a series.
Tory homophobia:

According to a report in The Independent, Mr Lewis wrote to a constituent last week saying he had been “very strongly against” lowering the age of consent for gays from 18 to 16 because “there is a seriously increased risk of HIV infection arising from male homosexual activity”.
The age of consent for gay men was lowered from 18 to 16 in 2000.
Mr Lewis, 58, wrote: “When it comes to legalising practices that involve serious risk, I believe the higher limit should apply. This is the reason we no longer allow 16- and 17-year-olds into front line situations in the armed forces, for example.”
Mr Lewis previously opposed adoptions by gay couples and also campaigned against the repeal of laws preventing schools from promoting homosexuality.

Now isn’t that inneresting

Let’s have a second look at Mr Clegg too


And what of Mr Clegg personally? Well, he has fiercely condemned the influence of lobbyists as part of the “old politics” and called for “reform on lobbying”. But he has been distinctly coy about his own two past spells as a lobbyist, leaving them off his official biography on the Lib Dem website. Most interesting and recent is Mr Clegg’s high-level stint, in the middle of his political career, with GPlus, the influential and controversial Brussels company.
Peter Guilford, GPlus’s founder, explicitly pitches his firm as the place for organisations with “a real problem affecting their reputation”. Its clients have included the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, whose plantations are accused of contributing to tropical deforestation (GPlus argued for a relaxation of EU regulations to allow more palm oil imports), and representatives of the Russian government, whose PR corner it fought during the recent war with Georgia.
This kind of thing is what led Corporate Europe Observatory, the EU transparency pressure group, to make GPlus the runner-up in its “Worst EU Lobbying” awards last year. “They are a very interesting company,” says a spokesman for the pressure group. “We have lots of stories about them.” Last year, too, GPlus was temporarily suspended from the European Commission’s register of lobbyists for refusing to disclose its full client list.
GPlus often practises “revolving-door” recruitment, taking people straight out of the European institutions to lobby their former colleagues, a practice banned in America. One such recruit was Nick Clegg. Immediately after he left the European Parliament – he was a Lib Dem MEP from 1999 to 2004 – he became one of only five partners in GPlus. He did the job for just under a year, until elected to Westminster in May 2005, describing his work as giving businesses “intelligent professional help in engaging with the EU institutions”.
In a press release, the lobbyist said Mr Clegg would “focus on developing GPlus’s service to UK clients”. Among GPlus’s most important UK clients at the time was the Royal Bank of Scotland, then lobbying furiously to water down a string of EU directives regulating the financial services industry.

more to come people

Solomon’s choice part 1

in 2 weeks’ time, the Brits will head to the polls to decide who will lead the country through the challenges of a post depression globalized economy.
It’s going to be a tough choice.

Nick Clegg, the young leader of the Liberal Democrats, looked good until I started looking deeper. I didn’t like what I found.
Mr Clegg is a privileged ex lobbyist who has been having several businessmen paying him monthly in an account used to pay his mortgage and other personal expenses.
The Lib Dem program shows some strange and unsettling ideas liek adding VAT to newly built houses, which translates, according to the builders’s associations all over the country, in a severe increase in prices for first time buyers.
A direct result of this measure would be locking many young people out of the property ladder.

Lib Dems claim this would be an incentive for young people to buy older properties and repair them. The blindness of such an idea can only come from people who believe the BBC’s idiotic property shows- which have as much relation with reality as
the Queen has with a honest day’s work.
Living in a 200 year old house myself, and facing the problms that come with a house that is old, cold, difficult to maintain, badly insulated and would cost an arm and a leg to bring into anything even remotely close to modern standards
of living, I would like to invite these privileged twats to go take a long walk off a short cliff. You can LIVE in a new house. Yound couples struggling to put a foot on the property ladder lack the means , money and time to invest in restoring an old lemon- that’s a hobby for idiots with too many time on their hands.

The Conservatives… well there’s another pot of fish. You see their adds everywhere. They claim they can bring “real change” to Britain, but everyone with half a brain who’s been watchign the recent American elections cn tell you- bad change is change too. Change is only a valid slogan if you specify what you want changed, and therein lies the problem with the Conservatives.
Mr Cameron, whom I cannot call a moron because that would be a dire and foul insult to morons everywhere, thinks Britain can be dragged back kicking and screaming into the 1930s when poor people knew their place and those of a different colour were kept safe out of Britain.

You don’t believe me? Look at the facts.
Mr Cameron has publicly anounced he wants to cut welfare. What does that mean? Welfare as it is now is meager at best. many people ae still trying to recover their capacity to work. Mr cameron would insure that they end up in the streets, considering that welfare is only enough to keep one floating dead on the poverty level and nothing more.
It would also insure cut in already meager services. Why?
Because someone has to pay for Mr Cameron’ aggressive campaigning, and it ain’t coming from his grandmother’s funeral fund. Whoever pays for all these bilboards will want something back, and many an influence peddler will queue to his office to ask for return investment on their money. And that means reducing taxes, which Mr Cameron and his rich friends have been blabbering about for years.

Reduced taxes means reduced income for the Government, and I can guarantee you that those cuts will not affet the lavish budget of the Parlament. They will however affect the NHS, and all of the public services we love in this country. Like it or not, Mr Cameron will still charge the taxpayer for a shower curtain worth hundreds of pounds, and Joe Bloggs will pay for it. Just like before, only under Mr cameron’s reactionary rule pe Bloggs will find his state pension cut when he retires, and his work aquired illnesses will get little care from a stripped NHS.

Mr Cameron also anounced that he wants to limit immigration from the Commonwealth, but not from Europe. Not that big a deal you say?
Wrong, kind sir! You see, it’s the colour. Limit the immigrants form the commonwealth equals limit the number of non white immigrants.
Sounds like a polished BNP to me.

More to come

Race war as a convenient smokescreen for class war part 1

There’s a big difference between men and women. Men who toed the line had the real advantages. Women who towed the line had very minimal advantages, but thats as far as it goes concerning that article. The rest of it is more or less agreeable. In the 60s, the notion that the world was ran by ‘White Men’ was propogated, and to some degree it was true. However, it isn’t literally true, the world is ran by Rich men. Consider, that the King of Saudi Arabia has the political strength to man-handle what is percieved as ‘The Worlds most Powerful White Man’ which was, up until very recently, the American President.

The cultural unrest we see right now is roted in the ‘White Men are the enemy’ point of view which expanded to become ‘The White People’, it’s a monstrous manipulation to divert problems to race when the true enemy of the people has always been classism as defined by Marx, Enges and Lenin. These people were right, and I say that reluctantly as a communism survivor.

The the 60s, ‘The West’ came very close to real revolution in terms of class, so in order to avoid this problem, the global racewar was constructed in the format we see it as today in order to maintain divide et impera. The whole race war is a facade designed to divide the people against themselves, and ultimately blind them to the true problem of classism. You’d feel the effects of what I call this secondary position, to an intolerable degree anyway, only if you’re poor. Then it’s easy to place ‘The White Man’ as the enemy. The enemy is class.