Race war as a convenient smokescreen for class war part 1

There’s a big difference between men and women. Men who toed the line had the real advantages. Women who towed the line had very minimal advantages, but thats as far as it goes concerning that article. The rest of it is more or less agreeable. In the 60s, the notion that the world was ran by ‘White Men’ was propogated, and to some degree it was true. However, it isn’t literally true, the world is ran by Rich men. Consider, that the King of Saudi Arabia has the political strength to man-handle what is percieved as ‘The Worlds most Powerful White Man’ which was, up until very recently, the American President.

The cultural unrest we see right now is roted in the ‘White Men are the enemy’ point of view which expanded to become ‘The White People’, it’s a monstrous manipulation to divert problems to race when the true enemy of the people has always been classism as defined by Marx, Enges and Lenin. These people were right, and I say that reluctantly as a communism survivor.

The the 60s, ‘The West’ came very close to real revolution in terms of class, so in order to avoid this problem, the global racewar was constructed in the format we see it as today in order to maintain divide et impera. The whole race war is a facade designed to divide the people against themselves, and ultimately blind them to the true problem of classism. You’d feel the effects of what I call this secondary position, to an intolerable degree anyway, only if you’re poor. Then it’s easy to place ‘The White Man’ as the enemy. The enemy is class.


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  1. Isabel
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 08:37:10

    Great post, but where were you when I just got chased off IBTP for saying the same thing (for the second time – and I won’t be back). I could have used a word of support when Nails aka skeptifem started in on me on the high heels thread and announced to everyone (out of the blue) that I am a racist because I was just pointing out what you are saying here on another thread. Because pointing out that all whites are not equal, and that all inequality is not based on gender or skin color means that you are marginalizing PoC and are therefore a racist.

    • soopermouse
      Apr 19, 2010 @ 09:09:34

      My apparitions at IBTP are like Haley’s comet- very rare. I have several class and race issues with Twysty/Jill, starting with the fact that the idea of a rich lesbian giving everyone else tips and advice on how to live our lives is a bit too elitist for my taste. She constantly fails to understand that for most women, obeying patriarchy mandated rules is necessary for survival, and in that, all of her preaching goes to a quire that just doesn’t get it.

      As for racism, do not get me started:Twisty threw a fit when a Jewish couple was looking for a Jewish ethnic surrogate mother. Like most white liberals , Twisty is one of those people who fail to understand that Jewish is not only a religion but a race- despite this having been well documented by the Human Genome Project. Antisemite, rich and elitist… look at all that lovely array of qualities.

      IBTP is too western liberal for my taste. I am sorry I have’t seen your comment there, but I’m somewhat of a pariah myself in most of the western liberal blogosphere- I don’t like hypocrisy and show it. I even managed to get a comment ban at Violet Socks for pointing out that the hypocrisy of people using Medicare and protesting state run healthcare is about as bad as the hypocrisy of people protesting American colonialism yet continuing to live in the USA to enjoy its benefits. Go figure.

      • Isabel
        Apr 19, 2010 @ 18:17:56

        Thanks for your comment, and I didn’t mean to sound accusatory, just frustrated. I linked here from IBTP when I saw your recent comment there (on another thread) while checking to see if Jill posted my last comment – she did not. Yes, hypocrisy (and scapegoating) seem to form some sort of basis for much of so-called liberal progressiveness, and if you call them on it they sure do freak out. It seems pretty hopeless at times as most activists do seem to be from the upper-middle class.

        Looking forward to Part 2.

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