Solomon’s choice part 1

in 2 weeks’ time, the Brits will head to the polls to decide who will lead the country through the challenges of a post depression globalized economy.
It’s going to be a tough choice.

Nick Clegg, the young leader of the Liberal Democrats, looked good until I started looking deeper. I didn’t like what I found.
Mr Clegg is a privileged ex lobbyist who has been having several businessmen paying him monthly in an account used to pay his mortgage and other personal expenses.
The Lib Dem program shows some strange and unsettling ideas liek adding VAT to newly built houses, which translates, according to the builders’s associations all over the country, in a severe increase in prices for first time buyers.
A direct result of this measure would be locking many young people out of the property ladder.

Lib Dems claim this would be an incentive for young people to buy older properties and repair them. The blindness of such an idea can only come from people who believe the BBC’s idiotic property shows- which have as much relation with reality as
the Queen has with a honest day’s work.
Living in a 200 year old house myself, and facing the problms that come with a house that is old, cold, difficult to maintain, badly insulated and would cost an arm and a leg to bring into anything even remotely close to modern standards
of living, I would like to invite these privileged twats to go take a long walk off a short cliff. You can LIVE in a new house. Yound couples struggling to put a foot on the property ladder lack the means , money and time to invest in restoring an old lemon- that’s a hobby for idiots with too many time on their hands.

The Conservatives… well there’s another pot of fish. You see their adds everywhere. They claim they can bring “real change” to Britain, but everyone with half a brain who’s been watchign the recent American elections cn tell you- bad change is change too. Change is only a valid slogan if you specify what you want changed, and therein lies the problem with the Conservatives.
Mr Cameron, whom I cannot call a moron because that would be a dire and foul insult to morons everywhere, thinks Britain can be dragged back kicking and screaming into the 1930s when poor people knew their place and those of a different colour were kept safe out of Britain.

You don’t believe me? Look at the facts.
Mr Cameron has publicly anounced he wants to cut welfare. What does that mean? Welfare as it is now is meager at best. many people ae still trying to recover their capacity to work. Mr cameron would insure that they end up in the streets, considering that welfare is only enough to keep one floating dead on the poverty level and nothing more.
It would also insure cut in already meager services. Why?
Because someone has to pay for Mr Cameron’ aggressive campaigning, and it ain’t coming from his grandmother’s funeral fund. Whoever pays for all these bilboards will want something back, and many an influence peddler will queue to his office to ask for return investment on their money. And that means reducing taxes, which Mr Cameron and his rich friends have been blabbering about for years.

Reduced taxes means reduced income for the Government, and I can guarantee you that those cuts will not affet the lavish budget of the Parlament. They will however affect the NHS, and all of the public services we love in this country. Like it or not, Mr Cameron will still charge the taxpayer for a shower curtain worth hundreds of pounds, and Joe Bloggs will pay for it. Just like before, only under Mr cameron’s reactionary rule pe Bloggs will find his state pension cut when he retires, and his work aquired illnesses will get little care from a stripped NHS.

Mr Cameron also anounced that he wants to limit immigration from the Commonwealth, but not from Europe. Not that big a deal you say?
Wrong, kind sir! You see, it’s the colour. Limit the immigrants form the commonwealth equals limit the number of non white immigrants.
Sounds like a polished BNP to me.

More to come


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