A letter to LibDem voters

I know a lot of people voted LibDem because they regarded it as an alternative to the British politics as usual.
These people might have made an awful mistake and allowed their otherwise righteous mistrust of Gordon Brown to affect their judgement.
I dislike Gordon Brown as a politician, but I can give him credit for what he has done. 10 years of prosperity under labour should not be thrown away and forgotten for reasons not well thought out. Gordon Brown has done a great job to keep the economy going and prevent the more painful effects of the global recession.
I’m an immigrant. Labour made this country into my home. If I go out on the street, I’ll see thousands of people who have Labour to thank for the same.
Maybe we don’t matter.

But we are people too. Some of us are the people who paid the price for the West’s prosperity for centuries.

While the West was building cathedrals and developing philosophical systems, people from the Danube and Carpathians kept the invader Ottoman Turks out of Europe. In WW1 we fought and weakened the German and Austro Hungarian armies at bay until we only had one third of our country left. We never got any help.

In WW2, after the great powers of the West betrayed the military agreements they had with the small countries in central and eastern Europe, leaving them prey to
Nazi Germany, we were left to fend for ourselves. We did. So did the Czechs, the Serbians… and as thanks for our aid we were given as a gift to Stalin, to buy his cooperation and pacify him for after the war.

i’m 35. I was born under communism. I was 14 in 1989, and , as a stupid child in December 1989 I ran away from home to be part in our Revolution. 11 thousand people died.
many of the people living now in England even though we weren’t born here have similar stories, or worse. We came here, and Labour England received us as friends.
We worked. We opened businesses. We did our best. We left everything we had behind and came to England and called it home, and England was good to us. We didn’t come here to beg. We came looking for a chance we didn’t have back home, for historical reasons England may or may not have had a part in creating.

Labour Britain was a good country and respected worldwide. It recognized and honoured its historical duties. Labour Britain was a good home to us, and to British people. Poor people who never had a choice bettered their lives. Poor people of Britain lived better. There were new jobs created. Poverty disappeared and Britain was prosperous, and nobody can deny this.

Then came the global recession. Architectured by the people who fought to lower the world’s banking regulations. One of these people was Nick Clegg. leader of the LibDems and one time lobbyist for RBS. We have seen how RBS ended, and Nick Clegg is aware enough of his nefarious implication in this to keep it off his official website. Those who fell to Cleggmania- not a lot of them since Lib Dems did not win a lot more over what they already had in terms of percentages- chose to turn a blind eye to this, despite it being a good sign of what lies behind Clegg’s facade.

And now Clegg and Cameron are inching towards an agreement. The vote that many good people gave to Clegg in hope of needed reforms will go towards the Tories, and those who have read Cameron’s program know what those are about.

We live in a bad world, and people never learn. In 2000, a fraction of well intended people who chose to vote for Nader ended up giving the world GW Bush.

Tell me, Clegg voters- if your votes only serve to bring a Tory government and kick Britain back into the 19th century, are you going to at least have the decency to say “Sorry”?

remember: if Cameron and Clegg do ally, you will have it worse than me. I can always leave. I’m Jewish and Romanian, I know more about Ubi bene ibi patria than anyone.


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