A ghost haunts Britain

A ghost haunts Britain
Yes, it’s a Marx pun. Go read him, he’s still right.
Even if she’s still somewhat alive, the ghost of Maggie Thatcher is still haunting the bleak landscape of British politics and will continue to do so until someone will plainly come out and call the old hag on her deeds- the destruction of the bespoken British manufacturing industry.
It is highly amusing that Dave Camoron, the guy who campaigned on not being like the tories of decades past felt the inescapable urge to invite the old mummy Thatcher to yet again befoul the No10 and the British politics. If Dave would have had a brain, he would have probably refrained from such a chutzpah-ish act until he ran a government slightly less fragile than a china cup riddled with cracks.
It’s painfully obvious that Dave is an idiot, but we already knew that. The fact that he honestly believes that he can get away with that barbaric budget already shows that he’s as dumb as he is inbred, but that’s beside the point.
Most Brits with a brain (granted there aren’t many of those) will admit to the fact that the Thatcher years were a nightmare. What they don’t understand is that the current predicament this poor island finds itself going through is a direct consequence of those years.
The wholesale of council houses is the reason for today’s housing shortages and the dismantling of the manufacturing industry is the reason for today’s sluggish attempt at a recovery and possible double dip recession. Blame Labour as much as you want, they did bring the country 10 years of continuous growth before the global recession engineered by people like Nick Clegg hit. But truth be told, you cannot undo decades of idiotic policing in 10 years, not when you actually want to treat everyone fairly, and therein lies the problem.
It takes a long time to build a manufacturing industry, and it’s hard as fuck. Factories don’t grow overnight, and there is no good reason on God’ s green earth at AD 2010 for any investor to build a factory in a first world country when there are many of them already built in Eastern Europe, when the workforce is cheaper and the governments more pliable.
So Camoron wants business to come to Britain. Noble aspiration, but no businessman worth his bottomline would do that. Quite frankly, it’s a shitty investment. And to top that, the condem abomination decided to cut the subsidies for initiatives that would create jobs in areas already hit by the Tory nightmare 20 something years ago. The case of the Sheffield Forgemasters is telling- and incidentally in Sheffield of all places, the people of the doomed constituency that put Nick Clegg in the Parliament are getting mightily punished for their lack of judgement. Irony? Sure, but it hurts people whose only fault is being too stupid to vote for their own wellbeing.


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