The lesson of 22nd June 2010

The lesson of 22nd June 2010
It’s pretty simple: the stupid shouldn’t vote.
Most of the people voting Tory aren’t rich. I wish Britain had 36% rich people, but that ain’t true. Yes, from a rich person’s POV, it makes sense to vote tory. After all, they are the party of the rich, and no rich men government will ever raise taxes on its own.
I used to joke about 2 months ago that David Cameron was running to make sure he’ll never have to pay taxes on his wife’s large estate. I see with sadness and a bitter satisfaction that I was probably right as the aptly named condem government delivers a budget that hits everyone but the rich people it’s comprised from. Go figure.
So why did people vote Tory? It’s first worth remembering some hard truths more Brits will never willingly acknowledge, partly because they lack the social and historical awareness, and partly because, let’s face it, they’re stupid. You don’t get smart people with a bad state education system, and Britain has not seen a decent education system in decades, unless you can afford to send your spawn to Eton or other expensive obedience schools for the rich and inbred.
The first of these hard truths is that people forget. The average Tory voter is not, by any stretch of the imagination, rich , or even young. The tory voter is invariably white, middle class and averagely educated with a college degree at best. Incidentally the same group with the highest racist quotient in the country.
Most of these people have lived through the 80’s, and if you grill them long enough- I like to, but I’m a horrible foreigner with more misanthropy to my name than it should be legally allowed- will admit that things weren’t well at all under Thatcher. But themselves or their parents may have enjoyed the marginal benefits of the time- like buying for cheap a squalid council townhouse the size of a shoebox, or having a mediocre office job, and that’s what they remember. It is common knowledge that the human brain has evolved an infinite capacity to forget the bad stuff, and this is what these people are doing.
It is my personal belief that at least part of the reason for the high tory voter turnout lays within racism. The fact that the tory voters and the most prominently racist strata of the society are identical is no accident. Of course, these people would not even remotely regard themselves as racist. The person who asks when interviewing a candidate who happens to be an immigrant who’s lived in the country for a decade “how do I know you won’t leave if you get offered a good job in your home country” is a racist and doesn’t know it. The lovely white middle class elderly ladies who ride the bus with me every morning and give me disapproving looks from their prim and proper faces and from under their perfectly permed white bluish coifs don’t regard themselves as racist even as they live in remote all white villages and are scandalized at the idea of their grandchildren dating anyone who’s not English, fair skinned and middle class.
The amount of immigrants, and most importantly of successful immigrants in this country has created a horrid backlash from the people who have no problem with the likes of me, as long as we are humble, invisible and taking only the dirty and low paid jobs the Brits are too good for. None of these people have a problem with an Arabic or Pakistani street cleaner or taxi driver, but they sure as hell have a problem with the likes of me.
The truth of the matter lays with the natural growth or lack thereof in Britain. Quite frankly, Brits aren’t breeding at the rate they’re supposed to do it, which means a population crisis haunts the dreams of anyone with a brain and a valid concern for the country’s future. Add to that a bad education system and the result is that there is a higher demand for highly qualified workers than Britain can fulfil on its own. While being asked to help my British born colleagues with the spelling of certain words of their own language is still amusing, it is a symptom that something’s very rotten in Britain.
The elderly and middle aged who voted Tory are already seeing the price of their foolishness and will probably cry soon in their lavender smelling immaculate handkerchiefs. The cutting of student places and increasing of tuition fees guarantees that the next generation will be uneducated and underqualified in a world where competition has already become too hard for the western countries to keep up with. The cuts of today ensure that in 15 years time Britain will cry for educated immigrants to come and fill the well paid jobs, however few of those might still exist at the time.
In the mean time, I am starting a Cameron puppet business. I have a feeling there will be a huge demand of those in a couple of months, for protesters to burn in effigy. Of course, that will probably serve no purpose but to make the idiots feel better.
The fate of Britain as it is lies now with the LibDem MPs. Of course Camoron felt the urge to tell them yesterday that they weren’t being taken for a ride. However, it is safe to say that probably even the dumbest of them (Nick Clegg by the looks of it) can already tell that they aren’t going to see double digits in an election any time soon, and the VAT increase is pretty telling. If I was stupid enough to have voted LibDem ( I’m not) I would probably slap myself in the mirror, which is, I suspect, what the LibDem voters are doing anyway.
The numbers are telling too. Yes, the LibDems have gone down 8% in popularity. However that’s 8% of the whole populus. In real numbers, those 8% are 1/3 of their votes at the last election. Which, for less than 2 months in office, is pretty dire, and as the condem cuts hit, those numbers will continue to plunge lower than Katie Price’s cleavage or Nick Clegg’s ethics.
In all this, it is interesting to look at Vince Cable’s position. I have always suspected the man to be a socialist in disguise, and his recent subversive statements prove my point. His recent admission that The LibDem VAT bomb campaign was a fraud paints an even more revealing picture of the Libdem hypocrisy than ever before- although he did good to show that the fault for the failed talks with labour lies solely on Nick Clegg.
All these little bits of info paint a picture obvious already to those of us who saw through Clegg long before he started to lick Cameron’s ass in public. So what IS Cable doing collaborating with Darth Osbourne?


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  1. John Campbell Rees
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 23:38:42

    Vince Cable is in the cabinet solely to keep him firmly under control. Clegg dare not let him be a loose canon on the back benches. So Cable is gagged by Collective Responsibility, unable to say what he really thinks.
    On “Question Time” last week, he looked as if he was hating every minute of it, and everything he was forced to say.

    • soopermouse
      Jul 01, 2010 @ 06:23:12

      I believe you are right. I also think Cable will end up revolting, he sure seems fed up and his comments show this.

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