What’s a soopermouse anyway

My friends call me mouse because I eat more cheese than Jerry.

Some years ago, when I’d just moved to England,  I surprised the shit out of my friends. I managed to carry a huge backpack weighing about 100 pounds for about 2 miles. While limping on a badly sprained ankle. Thus the name – super mouse. Which turned into soopermouse.

I’m a Romanian Jewish immigrant currently living in England.  Currently because one day I will get bored and move somewhere else. I do all sorts of things, like travelling all over the world, playing WoW, taking apart PCs and putting them back together, reading too much and sleeping too little.

I suffer from insomnia, which will probably kill me, and misanthropy which will probably make me kill someone.

Politically, I am leftier than Dalai Lama.  Religiously speaking, I’m an Atheist Jew.

I drink too much coffee and care about everything I perceive as unfair.  I live on an adrenalin high and crash worse than the Challenger.

And yes, I do hate people. That includes you. Whoever the fuck you are.


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